Philly Tech Trends: Warning! Hackers May Have Access to your Company’s Video Surveillance Security Systems

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If you installed cameras on your property it is no doubt because you were worried about your security. However, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) now says you may actually be opening yourself up to a security risk from hackers accessing your cameras.

Scott McQuarrie of TechDecisions elaborates, stating how the concern is so significant that the FCC wants to make it illegal to use cameras from manufacturers that they believe pose such a risk.

That would include 60% of the surveillance cameras currently being used in the United States, and prohibit usage of devices from the world’s largest manufacturer of such security systems.

The thing that many of the companies have in common that the FCC wants to ban is cameras made by Chinese manufacturers. It is not immediately clear if any one particular incident sparked this response. However, it seems reasonable to assume something must have raised a red flag for the FCC to react so strongly.

Surveillance cameras are used for all manner of properties, but of course, it is the military and government buildings using them that are the biggest concern. Though even local shops using compromised technology could theoretically be a source for problems such as financial information being stolen.

While it is not yet illegal to use these cameras that are causing concern, some providers of the technology already are taking steps on their own to phase them out. Some providers no longer offer warranty replacements to customers with these cameras because they are convinced their security could be compromised.

If you are using such surveillance on your property, it may be time to look into it more and make sure you are not inadvertently exposing yourself to unseen risks.

To learn more about why your security system could put you at risk, read what TechDecisions has to say here.


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