Nutritious, Delicious, and Gentle on the Planet: Farmers in Southern Chesco Dub 2021 the Year of the Mushroom

mushrooms on shelves
Image via Creative Commons.

Mushroom farmers in Chester County have dubbed 2021 the Year of the Mushroom, writes Doug Ohlemeier for Produce Business.

Retailers such as Whole Foods are predicting mushrooms will be one of the top trending foods of the year. Also, mushrooms are currently getting great press, owing to the numerous benefits they bring, including high nutritional value and high immunity-boosting properties.

Sean Steller, director of business development for Phillips Mushroom Farms in Kennett Square, explains the celebration in terms of the crop being “gentle on the planet, nutritious, and delicious.”

Mushrooms have grown in popularity across several markets, including retail, restaurants, and food-service distributors.

“At the same time, innovative products such as mushroom jerky, mushroom chips, and new mushroom menu items continue to hit the market,” said Steller. “The versatility of mushrooms is what really sets them apart from many other produce items.”

Mushroom popularity bodes well for its producers and Chester County’s thriving agribusiness industry.

“You will get more consumption and more eaters,” said Alan Kleinman, business development manager of Gourmet’s Finest in Avondale. “They’re featured everywhere.”

Read more about this culinary celebration in Produce Business.

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