Career Corner: Where are the Jobs? Delaware Valley Industries Hiring the Most People

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Beyond the personal and health issues caused by COVID, it has also massively altered what industries are in need of workers.

If you work in a field that has been damaged by the pandemic and have been thinking of making a change, you no doubt want to know what industries are doing well now.

An article published earlier this year from Stacker has a breakdown of that information based on jobs in Philadelphia’s surrounding area.

#10 Services Outside Public Administration

Public administration pertains to working on legislation, budgets, and policy management to name a few aspects. While that industry is also doing well, similar roles outside of public administration are also experiencing growth, with over 130,000 involved in such work.

#9 Transportation and Warehousing

Trucking jobs for the transportation of merchandise and the storage of those wares have remained important priorities to ensure resources continue to flow. In fact, there was more than a 25% growth in this industry in the last ten years, and over 130,000 workers in this field.

#8 Construction

Even with the companies that have gone out of business from the pandemic, construction is still a major industry, expanding by over 23% in the last decade. Locally, construction makes up about 6% of employment in our region.

#7 Food Services

Restaurants certainly took a big hit from lockdowns and health restrictions, but food services were experiencing a lot of growth prior to this setback. Just shy of 190,000 people are employed in this industry locally, and it is expected to remain strong once restrictions are no longer a concern.

#6 Finance

With all the financial upheaval the world has experienced, this industry is predictably still in high demand. More than 200,000 employees are working in various aspects of the financial field, such as insurance, with significant growth over the last decade.

#5 Manufacturing

Manufacturing remains a steady industry, as many companies that once produced leisure goods have pivoted to making essential supplies during Covid. There are more than 250,000 workers in the area doing manufacturing work, constituting over 8% of employment.

#4 Technical Services

This industry can tie into a lot of careers, but most significantly currently is that scientific work also falls under this umbrella. Obviously, that is a major focal point right now and continues to be even under normal circumstances, with there being a 20% growth in this industry since 2010.

#3 Retail

Though retail undeniably got walloped by lockdowns necessitating stores being shuttered for a time, it remains a major industry. At last count, retail accounted for about 10% of work in the region. While some stores have not weathered the storm of the pandemic, there are still more than 300,000 workers in this industry.

#2 Education

As school turned virtual for students, an influx of new blood was needed for teachers savvy in the tech skills necessary to continue helping students. Education is always popular and now constitutes over 10% of local employment, and more than 300,000 employees.

#1 Healthcare

Likely to little surprise, this already booming industry has exploded with a need for new nurses and doctors since 2020. In Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, healthcare workers now comprise almost 17% of total employment, with nearly 520,000 total employees.

For the full list of all the top industries in the area right now, read Stacker’s article by clicking here.


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