Career Corner: How to Take Smart Risks to Advance Your Career

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Taking a risk can be scary because, as the word implies, you stand a chance of losing something. Even with the potential to gain from a risk, many are still averse to pursuing those opportunities out of fear of losing money, status, or time.

But if you never take any chances you will have a much harder time advancing your career. That is why experts advise how to take calculated risks instead.

By way of Kathy Caprino at Forbes is an interview with investor and technology executive Sukhinder Singh Cassidy about how to handle risks.

One important point Cassidy makes is that, as the last year has demonstrated, risks are something that will happen to us even if we don’t seek them out. So learning how to handle risks with a level head is an important skill to develop.

Cassidy elaborates that being a good risk-taker means first getting comfortable doing so. She advises first seeking out small risks, such as overcoming a fear of looking foolish and admitting when you don’t know something.

She also says it is better to operate off of a rough plan than a perfect plan. Perfectionists might stall on making a move because some aspect always feels like it could be better. Whereas the rough planner is already making their attempt and is either experiencing success or has gained new information from a failed plan.

That last point is something Cassidy also emphasizes, that failure is not something to be afraid of. It tells you what methods are viable, it exposes you to new opportunities, and it helps you prepare for even bigger choices.

Becoming complacent because you don’t want to lose what you have will only keep you in the same position. A willingness to experiment is what advances you in life and will bring you the fulfillment of new accomplishments.

To read more on how you can intelligently take risks to further your career, read Forbes article by clicking here.


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