Career Corner: The 10 Most Common Jobs in the Delaware Valley

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If you want to know where you have the best job prospects, it helps to look at what the current trend in careers is. If lots of other people are being hired in a certain field, that’s a pretty good tip that career is in demand right now.

A recent article for Stacker compiled a list of dozens of careers to ascertain how common they currently are in the area. Here are the ones that rounded out the top ten to help you figure out which careers you might want to investigate.

#10 Supervisor of Office and Administrative Support

This is a job you only need a high school education to get into, while the annual mean salary is nearly $70,000. In this role, you oversee the staff assigned to take care of clerical and administrative tasks within the company. There are currently more than 32,000 people in this career in the Delaware Valley.

#9 Nursing Assistants

A nursing assistant delivers basic care to patients, such as providing their medication, as well as helping them with their personal hygiene and meals. Just under 35,000 people are in this role locally, with a salary of around $33,000 per year.

#8 Janitors

For performing general cleaning and maintenance duties of a building you can expect to earn around $32,000 annually. Over 40,000 people are currently employed in this role.

#7 Stockers

Stockers handle receiving and organizing customers’ orders in stockrooms and warehouses. The 40,000 people currently in this role make around $30,000 a year.

#6 Administrative Assistant

As an administrative assistant, you help the office run smoothly by scheduling meetings, taking calls, and filing documentation. You only need a high school diploma to earn a typical mean of over $40,000, something that more than 40,000 workers do.

#5 Operations Managers

At the highest mean salary yet, the 42,000 people in this role currently make in the vicinity of $150,000 a year. In this career, you are overseeing company operations, often in multiple departments or locations. This could mean working on company policy, planning allocation of resources, and other tasks vital to the daily operation of the business.

#4 Laborers

You don’t need an education for this job, but you will need your strength and stamina to handle moving heavy freight or warehouse stock. Over 55,000 people work in this capacity, generally earning around $35,000.

#3 Customer Service Representative

If you are good with people, you might consider this role where you will be the first point of contact with customers to provide them with information for services and questions they may have. Nearly 60,000 people work in customer service, typically making about $42,000.

#2 Officer Clerks

The responsibilities of this profession can vary greatly, but typing up documents, fielding calls, and doing accurate bookkeeping are all common tasks. Over 60,000 people perform this job, and with only a high school diploma you can make upwards of $40,000.

#1 Registered Nurse

Naturally, nursing is in very high demand right now, which would require you to provide care and assistance for patients presenting all manner of injuries and illnesses. You can make close to $80,000 annually as a nurse, and there are more than 70,000 nurses working in our area.

If you want to see all 50 of the careers that made the list, be sure to read Stacker’s article by clicking here.


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