Career Corner: The Best Paying Jobs You Can Get in Philadelphia with a Bachelor’s Degree

Computer Systems Manager solving a problem

Maybe you are deliberating going back to school for a master’s degree. Or maybe you are just starting out in higher education and trying to plot out your major.

Either way, it is helpful to know exactly what opportunities are available to you at each degree level. If it is a high salary you are after, a bachelor’s might be all you need.

Stacker recently put out an article breaking down job salaries around Philadelphia and found the top-paying jobs you can get with just a bachelor’s degree. The prospects are good, with each of these jobs often allowing you to earn over $100,000.

#10 Purchasing Managers

As the name suggests, this individual uses their expertise and the research at their disposal to ascertain the wisest purchases for those looking to procure certain services or resources vital for their company. Even at the lowest position on this list, this job still usually earns around $150,000.

#9 General and Operations Managers

The duties of this high-ranking position can vary greatly but are generally related to overseeing the operations of an organization through the creation of long-term plans, policies to be adhered to, and the allocation of company resources. In our region, this role generally earns above $155,000.

#8 Marketing Managers

This role uses data from the organization and any of its competitors to determine how customers are responding to a product or service. The information gleaned from this becomes the basis for deciding if something new is needed. Like the previous managerial positions, this role generally earns something in the range between $150,000 and $160,000.

#7 Petroleum Engineers

Oil continues to be a vital resource for our country, necessitating experts who can help with devising improved techniques for how to extract and obtain this fuel. In our region, the mean salary for this kind of work is often around $157,000.

#6 Architectural and Engineering Managers

This is a job that can focus on the research side of things but can also entail the actual planning and development of architecture projects as well. Being responsible for creations that will likely endure for generations, this role generally earns close to $160,000.

#5 Natural Sciences Managers

Natural science focuses more so on matters like biology, physics, and chemistry. This role oversees research and experiments in those areas and is often paid more than $160,000 for such work.

#4 Computer Systems Managers

Tech roles continue to be highly valued, in this case with a general salary exceeding $160,000. This particular worker will typically require knowledge of data processing, programming, and systems analysis.

#3 Sales Managers

If you enjoy numbers and people, you may enjoy this role that will see you establish a sales territory, train a team of sales representatives, and then analyze the data on how well your subordinates are able to provide your service or goods to customers. This is one of the more lucrative jobs you can get in the area, with a salary that can go beyond $163,000.

#2 Financial Managers

Rather than focusing on the finances of individuals, this person is responsible for the investments and overall financial activities of entire companies. That major responsibility is compensated by salaries that can reach upwards of $170,000.

#1 Chief Executives

This position comes with by far the highest earning potential, with salaries often around $240,000. This role handles management decisions at the top level, working alongside a board of directors to help plan the future of a company.

The article from Stacker has the full list of the top 50 highest-paying Philadelphia jobs. Check it out!


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