Career Corner: Are You Joining the “Great Resignation”? Do it With Grace

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The pandemic has had a major impact on careers, with many employees receiving a wake-up call that they need a higher salary than they thought or more flexibility at home.

And for jobs that aren’t accommodating, they are seeing a mass exodus. A survey from Bankrate found that 55% of employees plan to change jobs in the next year.

In June alone, nearly 4 million people quit. Writing for CNN, Kathryn Vasel provides some tips on how to leave your job with grace during what is being termed as the “great resignation.”

Tell Them in Advance

The standard of giving two weeks’ notice still applies. This is more just to not end on bad terms with your employer since you never know if you will need them in the future. Just make sure you give notice when everything is in place on your end too.

Your employer could very well tell you to leave at the same time you let them know you are moving on, and you don’t want the rug pulled from beneath you.

Assist with the Transition

If your boss keeps you on for your last two weeks, they will likely bring your replacement in during that period to start transitioning them into your role.

You can make the process smoother by showing the new hire the ropes to minimize any interruption in projects. Just because you are leaving doesn’t mean you want to leave your coworkers in the lurch.

Remain Professional

It’s possible you want to leave because you have major issues with your boss or workplace. Even if that is the case, don’t start letting bitterness show through just because you no longer have to fear the threat of being fired.

Your reputation precedes you, and actions you take as you leave this job could follow you elsewhere. Remain respectful, even if you haven’t always been treated that way yourself.

It is never wise to burn bridges, so take all the steps you can to make your departure from the company seamless. Remember, how you leave not only impacts your workplace, but also your future career.

If you want more detail on how to go about preparing to leave your job, read CNN’s article on the topic by clicking here.


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