Unauthorized Biography Paints Andrew Wyeth in a New Light

Andrew Wyeth, Artists of Wyeth Country
Image via Creative Commons.
Andrew Wyeth.

Author W. Barksdale Maynard takes a fresh look at artist Andrew Wyeth in a new unauthorized biography. The portrait that emerges in Artists of Wyeth Country is one of contradictions about the famous Chadds Ford artist. Maynard profiled his book for the Daily Local News.

During his three years of research, the author discovered that many things considered to be true about one of America’s most beloved artists are in fact wrong.

For example, many see Wyeth as a brooding soul forever tortured by the accident that ended the life of his father, N.C. Wyeth. However, Maynard found the painter to be a boisterously happy man with no adult responsibilities other than to paint constantly.

“He was nearly 30 when his father died, not an impressionable child. And I think the effect of the accident has been exaggerated,” wrote Maynard.

The author also found that the artist’s wife, Betsy, played an important role in his growing fame. She handled all the business affairs and chose the title for each painting. She also insisted everybody call him by his full name, Andrew Wyeth.

Artists of Wyeth Country is available on Amazon and from other retailers.

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