Award-Winning Author, Glenmoore Resident Finds Inspiration for Her New Book at People’s Light

Kimberly McGuane
Jen Bryant

Feed Your Mind, a new book from award-winning author and Glenmoore resident Jen Bryant, tells the life story of Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright August Wilson, writes Valerie Russ for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

During her prolific writing career, Bryant has penned 40 books, 21 of which are biographies for children.

She got the inspiration for her latest work when she saw two of Wilson’s plays at People’s Light in Malvern.

“Several minutes into the live performances, I was struck by the dialogue and by the use of really beautiful language,” she said. “The characters were so fascinating.”

Bryant decided to title the book based on a speech Wilson gave at the 100th anniversary of the Carnegie Public Library’s Hill District branch.

“Feed your mind, the rest will follow,” he said at the time.

The book is told in verse, bringing the writer back once more to her first love, poetry.

“I started writing both picture book biographies and verse novels because I wanted to combine my love of poetry and lyrical writing with my love of research,” said Bryant.

Read more about Jen Bryant in The Philadelphia Inquirer here.

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