Exton-Based All-Fill, Growth Within Manufacturing Attract Young Professionals Looking to Build Their Careers

Image via All-Fill.

It’s no coincidence that a lot of young workers interested in a career in engineering, manufacturing, or automation have found their footing at All-Fill.

The Exton-based manufacturer of packaging machinery has not only the facility, but also the network and partnerships that have created a robust pipeline that enables aspiring professionals to quickly transition from the classroom to the work floor.

“At All-Fill, we have built a facility that certainly attracts young talent,” said President and CEO Ryan Edginton. “Our goal was to build a modern-day facility that lifts morale, which in turn leads to increased productivity and cohesiveness.”

All-Fill, which has experienced explosive growth as it serves an international market, has immediate access to the next generation of skilled workers through its partnership with TCHS (Technical College High School) Brandywine. For example, Chad Martin is a Controls Engineer at All-Fill and one of its many employees who first gained experienced at the company while still a student at TCHS.

Martin, who studied Electromechanical Engineering Technology at TCHS, is a member of its Occupational Advisory Committee (OAC). The OAC is comprised of professionals who review the curriculum that students are being taught, ascertain how relevant it is in the industry, and gauge whether students are learning with the latest technology.

It’s Martin’s way of giving back – by helping to create opportunities for students who are in a similar position to the one he was in.

“A lot of individuals who sit on the OAC offer students opportunities to work at their companies for a co-op experience,” said Martin. “Representing All-Fill on the Occupational Advisory Committee allows us to take on co-op students, mentor them, and show them the industry.”

It’s the first-class environment that Edginton, his fellow executives, and staff have cultivated that enables All-Fill to retain so many of the young workers it brings aboard.

“Culture makes or breaks a company, and we seek employees with a great blend of intrapersonal skills and talent,” said Edginton, who noted that All-Fill is looking to hire a mechanical engineer, industrial painter, field service technician, machinist, welder, assembler, and many others. “Our environment allows young employees time to grow and then make a huge impact in a relatively short amount of time.”

All-Fill continuously strives to improve its performance by pushing the boundaries of industry standards. The ultimate goal is to surpass its own established levels of excellence in the field of packaging machinery.

“For over 50 years, All-Fill has developed a rock-solid product offering in our complete line of auger filling machines,” said Edginton. “Through acquisition, we now offer packaging machinery directly related to the filling machines that we are known for in the packaging industry. There is so much growth potential in the marketplace for these new product lines that young talent is attracted to the challenges and opportunities that come as a result.”

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