Downingtown’s Auger Fabrication Manufactures Satisfied Customers Through Service That Sets an Industry Standard


Providing unparalleled customer service – it’s a simple principle, but one not so simple to execute.

Auger Fabrication, a manufacturer in Downingtown that supplies a wide variety of augers, accessories, and parts for filling machines, prides itself on setting its industry’s standard for customer service.

“It’s always about servicing the customer,” said Eric Edginton, Executive Vice President of Auger Fabrication. “That’s all we’re about. We’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done.”

Such a philosophy is a good reason why the company’s ever-expanding customer base includes dozens of world-renowned brands, like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Starbucks, Pfizer, Xerox, Procter & Gamble, and more.

“When people call and need a part, we do our best to facilitate their needs as quickly and thoroughly as possible,” said Edginton. “I feel, especially in this digital world, that it’s not as personal, and we try to make it as personal as possible.”

Auger Fabrication is the sister company of Exton-based All-Fill, one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of filler systems and packaging machinery. Simply put, All-Fill makes machines and Auger Fabrication’s parts make them work perfectly.

“For every bag or container you see in a grocery store, a product needs to get into it,” said Edginton. “Whether it’s via vertical or horizontal filling machines, we produce the spare parts, the accessories to help meter the product into the bag properly.”

Auger Fabrication has made its mark over the years as a reliable supplier of new and replacement augers and funnels. The company values its customers and works relentlessly to supply only the highest-quality, longest-lasting tooling on the market.

“As customers come to us, we have a product test lab that we set up and run their product through our auger filler,” said Edginton. “The purpose is just to fine-tune to what the customer needs. If the customer needs a 10-gram fill into a cup or a bag, we spec it out to fit and make sure it’s dispensed correctly.”

Auger Fabrication is located at 4102 Edges Mill Road and is visible from the Route 30 Bypass, near the Manor Avenue exit. The company has approximately 25 full-time employees and is always looking for skilled, local talent. Check out the positions Auger Fabrication is now looking to fill.

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