Tuesday with Michael: Does Your Team Have the Skills, Talents, and Abilities to Lead in the New Normal?

Michael Gidlewski

You don’t have to look very far to see what dire straights we are in when it comes to developing leaders both locally and globally. We might not be able to impact leadership globally but we certainly have the power to impact leaders within our companies.

When I ask business owners if their managers have an MBA, I get a confused look since most mid-market businesses don’t have MBA’s in those positions. However, when I define MBA as meaning “Management by Accident”, they can immediately relate. 

They have promoted their best workers, technicians, and client service people to the level of management because they had good work habits and a great attitude but it often takes more than this to make someone an effective manager.

Ongoing leadership and management training can help your employees reach their potential and achieve their personal and organizational goals.

In the words of Tom Peters “I strongly believe that an explicit focus on lifelong learning for everyone on board could well be the most sustainable advantage an organization of any flavor can have”. And Tom also says “In our rapidly gyrating world, learning – for life – is no longer an option; it’s a professional life or death necessity.

Getting improved performance requires behavior change and people aren’t going to change their behavior just because we want them to or tell them to. A one-day workshop won’t change behavior, nor will attending a webinar or watching a video.

Effective behavior changes require a process that includes content that causes a shift in mindset, spaced repetition which is required for habit change, and a system that holds people accountable for their results.

One of the programs I offer is Getting Results Through Others and it is the key to growth, productivity improvement, and profit. Anyone who manages or supervises others will benefit from the action-packed ideas in this program. Participants will learn to improve productivity, motivate people to produce, delegate, and build a high-performance team.

The Getting Results through Others process will help you:

  • Take emerging leaders to the next level
  • Fine-tune your veteran managers
  • Prepare key employees to be more effective in their current job be able to handle more responsibility
  • Improve your “bench strength”
  • Improve communication, teamwork, motivation, morale, performance & results

Leadership development can produce a 3 to 1 up to a 10 to 1 return on investment with your team because you are investing in their confidence, capabilities, productivity and goal achievement.

Developing a culture of life-long learning is a powerful way to keep your team running at high performance and also attracting other “A-players” to the team.