Tuesday with Michael: Clarity is Key

Michael Gidlewski

Marcus Buckingham author of First Break all the Rules and Now Discover your Strengths says, “Clarity is the antidote to anxiety.”

To be successful in business you must decide what your vision of the future is going to be and then clearly define it so everyone in your organization is on the same page.

Increased clarity equals increased opportunity. The number of opportunities you will take advantage of during your lifetime is directly proportionate to your clarity of vision and your willingness to act.

The immediate result of determining specifically what you are after is increased clarity. That increased clarity is what will help you identify opportunities to realize your vision and seize them.

When you know where you want to go and what you must do to get there, you are in control.

We are a people who are constantly in motion. We live in an environment of constant stimulation and we tend to react to that environment rather than consciously, intentionally, and deliberately designing the business and the life we want. People complain about lack of time – that’s not REALLY the problem. The problem is lack of clarity, and thus a lack of direction.

Lack of direction and not focusing on “what really matters most” in our personal lives and businesses causes tremendous stress and chaos.  So, winning in the game of business is really about getting CRYSTAL clear on our future vision, purpose and goals.

Don’t mistake movement for achievement and don’t confuse activity with results.

When we crystallize our thinking and create a clear, electrifying goal that everyone in the organization can get excited about, we are fulfilling our purpose as a leader.

It is essential that you keep everyone in the organization focused on the vision. Are you clear about the vision of your organization? Are your goals and activities aligned to that vision?

I challenge you to revisit your strategic plan today and evaluate whether or not your goals and daily activities are in line with your vision. You can even send out a survey to some of your employees and uncover how well your vision is understood by the people in your organization.