Tech Tips With Margaret: How Will Your Company Handle Remote Work After the Pandemic Ends?

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While we’re all hoping for much of life to return to how it used to be after the pandemic ends, the changes we’ve seen to the workplace have not been all bad. In fact, many analysts are predicting some form of remote work is here to stay and that that isn’t a bad thing.

The Harvard Business Review recently had an article on the subject, and how businesses will soon have to decide how to handle their work situation. As more people become vaccinated, businesses will soon be safe to have workers return to the office. However, companies are deliberating on whether they should now that they have seen how many duties can be performed virtually.

Many employees are actually enjoying working from home because they no longer have to worry about their commute, or finding care for young children. So it’s expected that a lot of companies may begin adopting a hybrid system where the work week could have some days physically in the office and others working remotely.

Implementing such a system long-term would be quite the shake up, and would require company training to be updated, the organization’s HR policies to be amended, and the idea of company culture to shift. Analysts are saying one of the bigger factors in shaping this change may be more input from the employees below management level.

Some workers might still be leery about returning to in-person work for a while and might prefer totally virtual work. Others might be much more eager to be back in the office again and could be sick of remote work. If employees all along that spectrum can effectively perform their job, the modern day workplace might become a mix of systems depending on what works best for the individual.

Ultimately, this is new ground for a lot of organizations, so the answers won’t come quickly. Whatever changes do occur, it’s going to involve a lot of dialogue. The time for companies to have those conversations is now, so they can prepare for the transition that is on the horizon.

For more details on how remote work may be handled in the future, make sure to read the Harvard Business Review.


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