Tech Tips With Margaret: New Zoom Features Help Organizations Create Productive, Healthy Post-pandemic Workplaces


Many workers are well-acquainted with the fact that Zoom has been an integral part of the work experience due to the conditions of the last year.

However, as more people become vaccinated, some companies are looking towards physically reuniting their workforce in the coming months.

The people behind Zoom anticipated this and have developed additional Zoom features and add-ons to assist with this coming transition.

Per Sara Castellanos of the Wall Street Journal, some of these new functions being rolled out to the public are the option to have a receptionist present in an office lobby to virtually check clients in, conduct virtual temperature checks, and monitor a conference room’s capacity.

The Zoom Room technology can even be operated by voice commands so that each person who enters a room does not have to worry about touching or handling the same device.

All of these features combine to enable an office to function for an in-person environment, without totally discarding the safety protocols that are going to continue to be necessary for the near future.

Accessories to Zoom can help enable all of these features and set up any workplace to be more protected during the pandemic. This includes items like the Neat Bar, which can even sense the humidity and air quality of a room and display this data on the Zoom dashboard.

The reality is that even though the vaccines are expected to be widely available by the summer, many workers may still be hesitant to return to an in-person position.

Jobs are going to have to accommodate a workplace that will likely be a hybrid between people who are there physically and those who don’t feel ready to move away from doing things virtually quite yet.

Plenty of people miss in-person work and can’t wait to get back to it. A full return to normalcy isn’t going to be possible right away. But it’s looking like these new features from Zoom could provide the happy medium for now.

If you are interested in learning more about what changes Zoom has in store, you can read the Wall Street Journal’s article here.

Alternately, you can set up a time to meet virtually with Margaret to speak with her about how your organization can leverage Haverford Systems and Zoom’s entire portfolio of services to create a productive, healthy post-pandemic work environment.


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