Tech Tips With Margaret: How Microsoft Teams is Helping Businesses


With the workforce heavily scattered due to the conditions of the last year, employers have needed to make a lot of adjustments to keep their teams unified. Fortunately, Microsoft Teams has helped many people adapt to the new way of working as smoothly as possible.

Microsoft Teams comes free with subscriptions to Microsoft 365, and combines the ability to have live chat, do virtual meetings, conduct calls, and so much more.

Even with employees separated by distance everyone can still go through their workday connected with each other to work cohesively.

You can also trust that Microsoft Teams will keep private information secure, thanks to multi factor authentication tied to the login process of Microsoft 365.

So you can rest assured that even with your team able to work from anywhere that nobody unwanted will be joining in and learning details you want kept confidential.

With your information secure, you can focus on enjoying all the convenience of the cloud-based Microsoft Teams. Team members can pick up what they were working on regardless of what device they change to.

Additionally, team members can collaborate in real-time working on documents, ensuring everyone is up to date on where the projects stand.

The advantages of Microsoft Teams make it ideal even for office spaces where everyone is together.

Rather than call everyone away from their desk to conduct a meeting, do a virtual video session where team members can share pertinent documents and files straight from their own computers.

Microsoft Teams expedites the work experience regardless of how your office operates.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have all become commonplace on the job, so you may already have Microsoft 365 as part of your team. If so, why not take advantage of Microsoft Teams as well and learn why it’s another service from Microsoft that will make your job more streamlined?


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