Tech Tips With Margaret: Microsoft Teams Brings Workers Together No Matter Where They Are


The workplace has become more spread out than ever for many people, with it being commonplace now for some people to not even be in the office while on the job.

That’s why more companies have been unifying their workers virtually through the usage of Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is a tool for unifying workers so they have everything they need to communicate in real-time regardless of where they are.

Instead of the only point of contact being emails that could go without a response for hours, Microsoft Teams is a chat-based platform that enables users to respond immediately.

Each team is divided up into their own channel allowing them to reach whoever they need. Users can instantly chat with the entire group, talk individually, and even chat across the different channels.

Beyond chatting, Microsoft Teams also enables workers to have online meetings, video calls, and can even be a replacement for an office’s phone system.

Even if everyone is in the same office, the functionality of Microsoft Teams enables much more convenient and expedient communication with everyone.

The capabilities of Microsoft Teams can also adapt to your workplace’s needs. If you feel confident allowing everyone full access to all features whenever they need them, you can do that.

If you prefer to limit who can utilize certain functions and what they can do with them, that can be arranged as well.

Perhaps best of all is that Microsoft Teams may already be part of your work setup. Anyone who is already using Microsoft365 or Office 365 already has Microsoft Teams included for free.

Nobody wants any barriers standing in the way of being able to do their job, so Microsoft Teams is about putting more capabilities in your hands.


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