Critical I-95 Bridge Connecting Delco to the Stadiums, City, and Jersey Shore Could See Tolls


If you use the Girard Point Bridge to get down to the stadiums or to the Jersey Shore, you might have to start paying a $1 to $2 toll to use the bridge, reports Joe Brandt for NBC10.

The toll, collected via EZ Pass, could begin in 2023.

The two-deck bridge, part of I-95, needs $150 million to $200 million in repairs, and with fewer drivers on the road because of the pandemic, PennDOT is short on the needed cash.

Repairs are needed on the roadway, structural steel, and piers. The bridge could also be painted and be evaluated for “fatigue.”

No date has been set to start the construction. A final decision hasn’t been made to establish a toll to recoup the construction, maintenance, and operations costs.

PennDOT says its environmental impact review of the project will assess what other routes could be taken to avoid the toll and the impacts on the community. A public meeting will be held for residents to weigh in and hear more about the project.

A report in 2013 found that nearly 600 of the state’s bridges were listed as “fracture critical” or “structurally deficient.”

Find out more about the Girard Point Bridge at NBC10.

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