Local Bank Enables Coatesville Church, Nonprofit ‘to Prosper’ Amidst Difficult Times

Mark Hostutler
Image of Pastor Montez Jones via Judah Ministries.

Judah Ministries is a church and nonprofit that organizes community outreach efforts in Coatesville, writes Michelle Caffrey for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

“We like to say our ministry is community-focused,” said Pastor Montez Jones.

The church helps to provide students free meals when they are not in school, organizes food drives, hosts family movie nights, and performs outreach in local nursing homes and prisons.

When the pandemic hit, the church suddenly faced the prospect of losing its home, as the small chapel the congregation had rented for years on East Chestnut Street was put up for sale by its financially distressed owner.

A local business owner aimed to buy the building, but when she heard that doing so would leave the church homeless, she stepped aside.

The church managed to find support from the community and SBA to raise enough money for a down payment. But when it came time to get a mortgage, Judah Ministries hit a wall with its bank.

After several months of not hearing back from it, the church turned to Prosper Bank, formerly Coatesville Savings Bank, which helped it secure a mortgage in record time.

“We would be homeless today if it wasn’t for Prosper Bank,” said Jones.

Read more about Judah Ministries in the Philadelphia Business Journal here.

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