West Chester Woman Takes Her Job as a ‘Hair Healer’ to the Next Level with Podcasts

Image of Colleen Dixon via David Maialetti, Philadelphia Inquirer.

West Chester resident Colleen Dixon, a hairstylist at Narberth’s Capriotti Salon Experience, has taken her job to the next level with her podcast, “The Hair Healer,” writes Kevin Riordan for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Dixon realized that the conversations she was having with her clients and followers on social media often took on a confessional quality and often resulted in people feeling better.

“I like to talk, and I like talking to people who like to talk,” said Dixon.

So, after more than a decade of helping people look better, she decided to make her efforts more official. The 32-year-old mother of two branded herself as The Hair Healer and began her podcast in January.

Her first guest was longtime client and friend David Wurtzel, a former firefighter who runs the First Twenty nonprofit. Now, she has produced 30 more episodes and has done a “Quarantine Series” that specifically addresses how people are coping with coronavirus restrictions.

Her podcasts usually cover various subjects but end up focusing on astrology, energy, and journeys.

“I want to help people find the truth in themselves and not be afraid to live it,” she said.

Read more about Colleen Dixon in The Philadelphia Inquirer by clicking here.


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