Prolific Author from Downingtown Explores ‘How Far People Will Go to Protect Their Reputations’


Image of Sara Shepard via Penguin.

Downingtown High School graduate Sara Shepard, the author of the Pretty Little Liars book series that inspired the popular television show, is ready to wow readers with her new book, Reputation, writes Elena Sheppard for Fortune.

The new novel is the 39th work of fiction by the prolific author. Her stories are usually mysteries about women or teenage girls taking place in Pennsylvania locations. Her work also often involves a spooky or sinister side of technology and is filled with attention-grabbing cliffhangers.

Shepard defines her new book as a domestic thriller. It follows the happenings in a fictitious university town in Pittsburgh following a hack that opens everyone’s private business for all to see.

“The book follows a couple of different perspectives of some of the people affected by the hack, all of them women, and what they go through,” said Shepard. “It’s really about how far people will go to protect their reputations.”

The author is hoping that, down the line, the book could also make its way to the screen.

“It’s certainly something I would watch,” she said.

Read more about Sara Shepard in Fortune here.

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