YMCA of Greater Brandywine Opens Its Doors to Everyone with a Gift of Health

Mark Hostutler

Give a gift of health to yourself!

All seven branches of the YMCA of Greater Brandywine will open their doors to the community at no charge from Wednesday, Dec. 26 to Monday, Dec. 31.

Now is the perfect time to try our facilities, shoot hoops, swim in the pool, or check out the fitness center, or try a yoga, cycling, or exercise class. There is something for everyone.

Anyone 18 years or older may click here to download a pass or stop by a local branch to receive one. Please bring the pass and a valid ID when visiting. Children under the age of 18 are welcome to visit with a parent or guardian.

Also, anyone who signs up for a 12-month membership will have the $99 join fee waived.

Coming in January, the YMCA of Greater Brandywine will also be launching a Healthy Weight Loss program. The 12-week program helps people lose weight by making small, modest changes to their daily behaviors and forming sustainable, healthy habits.

“This program is different from other programs in which I have participated in that there was no pressure to ‘lose weight now,’” said a program participant. “Weight loss and health is the ultimate goal, not the quick fix. This program gave me things to think about. I know I should be ‘eating right and exercising’ but why don’t I? This program gave me insights into my behavior by asking very simple questions.”

It is a proven program, piloted at 27 YMCAs in 2017 with great results, as 70 percent of participants lost weight.

The first session of the program begins on Jan. 21, with new sessions beginning every six weeks. YMCA members who register before Dec. 31 receive the best rate of $39 for the program. In January, the rate of the program increases to $49, after which the program cost will return to the normal price of $99.

Registration can be done in person at the membership services desk at each branch or online by clicking here.

Anyone who joins the YMCA in December or January will receive the reduced rate.

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