Wellness Wednesday: Can Working Moms Have It All?


By Jaime Lynn Curley

I get a butterfly sensation in my belly every single time I connect with a mom who struggles with balance. I know the sadness. I know the fears. I know the sacrifices. I know the strains. I also know the possibilities. I know the flexibility. I know the freedom that is on the other side.

I read an article and it questioned, “Can women have it all”? I started to reflect on what it means to have it all. Some argue we cannot have it all but I believe we can have what matters.

First, I desperately wanted to be the one giving my girls a bath and reading bedtime stories to them. That wasn’t happening while I was traveling and out of town as often as I was.

Second, I was required to financially contribute to our household. If I worked as hard for myself as I did in my j.o.b., I knew I could have success.

Third, I craved balance. I was up to the challenge of being a successful entrepreneur and present mom but I wanted it to be on my terms. My girls were always going to be my priority without the guilt.

What matters to you the most? I open the door for moms (and dads!) to build a sustainable business from their home while their little ones are at school, during naptime and in the pockets of their lives.


Jaime Lynn Curley is the founder of West Chester-based The Tailor Made Life, LLC., a solutions company helping individuals achieve Mind, Body and Career goals.  Her passion is helping others to feel their best so they can enjoy the everyday moments of life.  You can reach her at jaimelynncurley@gmail.com or on her Facebook page.  

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