Upcoming Workshop from Achievement Unlimited Offers Swift Kick Toward Success in 2018

Michael Gidlewski
Michael Gidlewski
Michael Gidlewski

The inertia of the daily grind and the strangle of bad habits are slow and painful success killers, and it often takes a swift kick to break free in a new direction and achieve full potential.

That’s the promise of a new workshop coming to the Penn State Great Valley Conference Center in Malvern on Tuesday, Jan. 23.

The Swift Kick offers an experiential, half-day roadmap to breaking free from gravity by rejecting excuses and shifting your success plan into high gear.

“We are held in place by the gravitational system of our own ideas, beliefs, attitudes, and feelings, and all of the habits that have formed around how we look at the world,” said Achievement Unlimited president Michael Gidlewski, who works as a catalyst for personal development and business growth.

The West Chester consultant will teach you how to reflect on your approach to business, filter out bad habits, reboot your mindset for success, reprioritize your goals, and unlock your potential.

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Gidlewski works with motivated business owners and entrepreneurs to clearly define the elements of what they dearly want their lives to look like, then helps them connect all the moving parts that make up those visions to consistent action and habits

“To tear ourselves away from the everyday, from habit, from mental laziness which hides from us the strangeness of reality, we must receive something like a real bludgeon blow,” 1959 playwright Eugene Ionesco wrote.

achievement unlimitedThat’s The Swift Kick.

“Let’s get rid of the resolutions list that’s a vague hodgepodge of broad ambitions and aspirational new habits in favor of more specific, measurable, targeted, meaningful, and more achievable goals from your wheel of wellbeing,” Gidlewski said.

Goals like faster business growth; more confidence, clarity, and focus; increased productivity and effectiveness; less stress, frustration, and wasted time; and more free time if desired.

“Focus is the key to all results,” he said. “Results require that you concentrate your efforts on the smallest number of activities that will produce the largest amount of productivity. No other principle is violated as constantly, as recklessly and as directly or indirectly as the basic principle of focus. You always get the pain of regret or the pain of discipline for your goals.”

From 8 AM to noon on Jan. 23, The Swift Kick will guide you into a place of focus and help you navigate the road to success in 2018 and beyond. Learn more or get your ticket here.

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