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Moody’s Analytics, with a location in West Chester, uses unique tools and best practices to help capital markets and credit risk management professionals worldwide respond to an evolving marketplace with confidence.

Data Management

This position works with the Data Services Group to manage and design the company’s time series databases with a potential focus on time-series estimation, client relations, documentation, process management, and/or team management.

The ideal candidate will possess a bachelor’s degree with course work in economics, finance, statistics, or related fields; strong proficiency in computer use and familiarity with programming languages; and an excellent academic record.

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This position performs economic forecasting and analysis of countries, industries, and regions; prepares written analysis for the company’s publications and live commentary website; and makes presentations at economic outlook conferences.

The ideal candidate will possess a Ph.D. in economics or a master’s degree with three to five years of related experience; and experience in macroeconomic and microeconomic analysis, technical writing, and economic modeling.

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Quality Assurance Engineer

This position writes and executes manual and automated tests, analyzes the results of performed tests and provides meaningful reports to the project team, and uses queries to create test data and analyze results.

The ideal candidate will possess a bachelor’s degree; one to five years of QA experience; knowledge of QA methodologies, including test planning, C#, Java, and/or scripting experience; and competent database skills.

Click here to read more about the Quality Assurance Engineer position at Moody’s Analytics.

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