VIDA Performance of Kennett Square Meets the Region’s Corporate-Wellness Needs


Why does corporate health and wellness matter?

Well, on average, a typical worker loses 115 productive work hours every year due to a health condition.

Also, chronic diseases related to lifestyle account for 70 percent of the nation’s medical costs, and industry experts estimate that the costs of employer-provided health benefits are rising at a rate of 30 percent each year.

Those facts speak for themselves.

Enter Matt and Michelle Vahey, the founders of VIDA Performance, a company based in Kennett Square that focuses on personal training, group personal training, and Corporate Health and Wellness on-site programming. Their staff has more than 20 years of experience bringing clients a proprietary form of exercise and practice that can benefit employees of any age and any level.

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“What makes us unique and our staff is that we all believe in one thing, and that is teaching movement first,” said Matt. “We aim to make employees healthier, happier, and more productive. Who doesn’t want that for their company?”

VIDA Performance will design an onsite facility recommending the most ergonomic and economical layout. The company works with the best equipment dealers and will help its clients choose and purchase equipment that specifically fits the needs of their company.

“We’re here to help make you a stronger, healthier, happier version of yourself, so you can live life to the fullest,” said Michelle.

VIDA guarantees its clients will see an increase in health, performance, and productivity, and it offers a 90-day, money-back guarantee. The employees who participate for an average of two days per week for 90 days will show improved results throughout a quantifiable measurement system.

“VIDA has had a material effect on my organization; it’s well worth the time and effort,” said Michael Stolper, the founder of Veritable LP, an investment management firm in Newtown Square. “People might lose an hour, hour and a half of their day periodically during through the course of a week, but we get that back in multiples because of increased efficiency.”

“Having a yoga class in the middle of the day is my favorite benefit that I get from my workplace,” said Emily Bless, an assistant portfolio manager at Veritable LP. “I feel like someone hit the reset button on my day, and I can go back to my desk and everything’s a little de-stressed.”

“Personally, Matt has helped me deal with some of the natural aging process,” said Stolper. “He’s made a big difference in my physical strength and flexibility.”

“We can train people who have a full gym setup or just a mat and a yoga ball,” said Charles Kopf, VIDA Performance’s Director of Fitness Operations. “We tailor the workout to what that person needs.”

Click here to learn more about VIDA Performance.

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