As National Council Turns Mushrooms into Buzzword, Local Growers Reap the Harvest

Image via Phillips Mushroom Farms.

Interest in eating mushrooms as a key component in a healthy diet has sprouted generously after the nationwide Mushroom Council planted marketing spores across the industry’s target market, and Chester County mushroom farms are now reaping the harvest.

“The mushroom industry has a great story to tell,” said Avondale-based To-Jo Mushrooms President Tony D’Amico in a report for The Produce News by Christina Dimartino. “The council has partnered with some of the brightest minds in this field to ensure the industry has the tools and knowledge needed to head in the right direction for generations to come.”

A big part of the strategy was the protein-alternative nutrition facts and preparation tips popularized as The Blend.

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“The council has conducted research that has resulted in nutritional, medicinal, and general health claims associated with increased mushroom consumption,” said Kevin Donovan, National Sales Manager for Kennett Square’s Phillips Mushroom Farms.

“The results from this extensive research are being used today to help in marketing mushrooms, but they will continue to be used in the future to benefit not only the mushroom industry but also health and science.”

Read more about the Mushroom Council’s boost for local growers in The Produce News here.

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