Malvern’s USA Technologies Signs Strategic Deal to Maximize Ops of Food Vendor


Malvern’s USA Technologies has signed a strategic agreement with Five Star Food Service. Image via USA Technologies.

Malvern’s USA Technologies has signed a five-year strategic agreement with Tennessee-based Five Star Food Service, one of America’s largest on-site food and beverage solution providers to employers, for the unattended retail market.

The agreement means that USAT will provide its payment technology across Five Star’s markets. This will create a tailored, cashless payment system that will help maximize Five Star’s operations.

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“At Five Star Food Service, we pride ourselves on our ability to recognize the potential in trends like cashless payments and advertising for the unattended space,” said Alan Recher, President and CEO of Five Star Food Service.

Both companies share the vision of providing a superior experience and service to customers through the latest technologies. As part of the agreement, Five Star Food Service will connect close to 9,000 of ePort Interactive devices to the ePort Connect service. This will enable it to track the acceptance of cash, credit and debit cards, and contactless payments, such as mobile wallet payments that include Apple Pay and Android Pay.

“USA Technologies is committed to helping companies like Five Star Food Service transition to technology that fully leverages the convergence of mobile wallets, loyalty, and product information,” said Stephen P. Herbert, Chairman and CEO of USA Technologies.

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