Cochranville’s Canine Partners for Life Offers Prison Inmates Chance at Redemption

A service dog training program from Cochranville’s Canine Partners for Life is giving inmates at the state prison in Albion the chance to learn patience and caring. Image via Greg Wohlford, Erie Times-News.

Thanks to a program from Cochranville’s Canine Partners for Life, inmates at the state prison in Albion are being given the chance to learn more patience and caring by training service dogs, writes Madeleine O’Neill for the Erie Times-News.

One of the inmates, who worked as an emergency medical technician and firefighter before being sent to prison, was eager to take part in the program.

“Some of these dogs do help these people and are possibly saving their lives,” he said, adding that training service dogs is “probably the closest sense that I could have to the good things I used to do in society.”

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Some of the handlers at the prison have been participating in the program for over a decade. Inmates cannot take part in the program unless they are free of any misconduct for the last two years.

Once the dogs are trained and placed with a family, their new owners sometimes send pictures back to the handlers to show how well they are adjusting to their new home.

Read more about the program in the Erie Times-News here.

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