Fifth-Generation Family from New Garden Celebrates Century Farm Recognition

Photo of Pownall Jones courtesy of the Chester County Press.

Its first century saw the making of a bold new democracy, and its last 100 years has seen a modern farming revolution.

Welcome to Crestfield Farm in New Garden Township, a 65-acre Century Farm home to five generations of the Jones family, according to a Chester County Press report by Richard L. Gaw.

Exactly two centuries before the Joneses took up residence at Crestfield Farm in 1914, it was transferred as part of more than 1,000 acres of land from William Penn, Jr. to John Miller, an Irish Quaker.

Charles G. Jones bought 57 of those acres for $9,000 in 1914, and the Century Farm added 18 more in 1921 and sold four in 1933 before it was willed to his great-granddaughter, Ellen Marsden — first the house and acreage in 1988, followed by the farm in a series of gifts between 1998 and 2003.

The children of Ellen and William Marsden are the Century Farm’s fifth generation.

Read more about the history of Crestfield Farm and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Century Farm honor in the Chester County Press here.

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