Freedom is a Choice


By Tina O’Conner

Freedom has many definitions.  Last week I was in the Wawa at routes 10 & 30 in Parkesburg.  The gentleman in front of me paid for my coffee and the coffee for the person standing behind me.  He left before I could say thank you.   One of the many thoughts I had about this gesture was could other people do this in another country?

I am certain my coffee benefactor was not looking for praise.  He had the opportunity to make a choice.  Isn’t that what freedom is all about?  Being able to choose.  November will be an interesting time in our history of presidential elections.  We have the freedom to choose.  Many persons gave their lives so that we have the freedom to choose.

One of the beliefs that create stress in the workplace is thinking we do not have the freedom to choose.  For managers and supervisors, your employees have many wonderful thoughts, insights, and are creative.  Trust them.  Implement their ideas.  Create incentive programs.  For the employee, speak up.  Trust your instincts and creativity and share them.  Take ownership of your attitude at work.  Give credit to your coworkers.

Another way to promote freedom and reduce stress in the workplace is to listen to the other person’s perspective.  This is challenging when either position is giving constructive feedback.  The first step is to pay attention to the word, “constructive.”  Keep your tone of voice neutral.  Use the “sandwich method.”  Share something positive about the person, share the constructive feedback, and “sandwich it” with something positive.

Let’s remember that freedom is a daily choice.  The daily issues we face may be of our own creation.  If they are, choose to manage them in a healthy respectful way.

Take the time to honor and remember those who gave their lives and those who choose to defend our rights and freedoms; especially when we hear about tragedies in other countries on the news.  Many thoughts and prayers to the families whose lives are directly impacted.  God bless the USA!!!!!

Top photo credit: Using Our Freedom via photopin (license)

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