Amidst Transition, Discover Your Path, Stay the Course


By Tina O’Conner

The beginning of June brings about many transitions for young people; whether it’s graduating from elementary school, high school or college.  Transition can create anxiety and stress, even if the transition is positive.  Transition can also have a positive or negative impact moving from one stage of life to another, a promotion, relocation or retirement.

Most times transition follows a scheduled timeline.  There are those times, however, when transition is unplanned and involves tragedy.  My admiration increases when I think of someone who endured bullying, harassment, abuse, trauma, unanticipated death or supporting someone through addiction.  Managing transition requires courage for everyone.

Many events occur each year throughout Chester County in memory of a loved one who died due to tragedy.  In the Parkesburg area, Donna Streett Imbierowicz held a color run in memory of her daughter Carly, and Daulton Pointek.  Both of whom died from carbon monoxide.

Betsy and Socker Gillen facilitates a Mother’s Day Walk in honor of their son, John, who died from an accidental overdose.  Both events educated the community and gave persons from this area an opportunity to honor such amazing young people.

Companies in Chester County provide emotional and financial support for these endeavors.

When we are in the midst of a transition, it’s easy to focus on the stress that is created.  Walking on the journey and looking back changes our perspective regarding the transition we moved through.  Being true to ourselves can also create transition.

Thinking about the life of Muhammad Ali and how he remained true to himself; even when others were not in agreement.  Managing transition becomes easier when we practice acceptance of our personalities and values.

Relying on support people, deep breathing and focusing on positive thoughts can help us along the journey.  Find those persons who care about you and are trustworthy.  Discover your path and stay true to it.

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