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Headquartered in West Grove, Dansko embodies the marriage of science and style in its shoes that blend good looks with advanced comfort and health features. Although the company employs almost 200 people in Southern Chester County, its genesis can be traced to the late 1980s, to, of all places, Denmark.

There, husband and wife, Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup, were traveling throughout Europe and discovered the clog in a small shop. They quickly realized that the simple shoe had the potential to change their lives and the lives of anyone who might wear them, so they bought some pairs and brought them back to America. They shared those pairs with their friends, who told their friends, and on it went. Through word of mouth, Dansko was born.

Today, the comfort line is 100 percent employee-owned and offers a wide assortment of shoes from boots to sandals, and a variety of clogs.

Dansko Professional clogs are worn by nurses, doctors, cooks, waitresses, teachers, and anyone who is on their feet all day.

Dansko’s employees tend to stick around. It may have something to do with the company’s uplifting workplace culture, commitment to employee development, and passion for comfortable, fashionable shoes.

The company may or may not be hiring. You can only find out one way – by e-mailing your resume to

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