Cultivating Chester County’s Future Technology Leaders

Samantha Gumienny, Associate Experience Advocate at Evolve IP

The Innovative Technology Action Group (ITAG) supports its member companies by sharing talent development and recruiting information; offering programs on technology trends and issues; and providing training grants to stabilize and strengthen the local workforce.  Supported with more than 300 volunteers, ITAG is able to offer career exploration opportunities to roughly 1000 high school students annually as well as growth and leadership opportunities for young tech professionals.  With the annual Tech360 event just weeks away, we explored the impact ITAG has had on the career of Samantha Gumienny, Associate Experience Advocate at Evolve IP.

What is the Innovative Technology Action Group (ITAG)?

ITAG, an initiative of the Chester County Economic Development Council, is a partnership of more than 80 companies throughout the Greater Philadelphia region.  Its mission is to promote information technology, communication, and technological processes to all companies and individuals in Southeastern Pennsylvania as a means of becoming more effective in an increasingly-sophisticated global marketplace. 

For the past 16 years, driven by the needs of private industry, ITAG has worked closely with its participating ITAG companies, economic development agencies, and education/training partners to develop the tech workforce and help businesses succeed by using technology effectively.  This employer-led partnership provides numerous benefits for participating organizations, including, but not limited to: workforce training, recruiting assistance, technology presentations and information about new tech trends and best practices.  One of these key initiatives is Tech360, an annual full-day tech experience featuring tech education, leadership and innovation, will be held this year on June 10.

How is ITAG Shaping Future Technology Leaders?

ITAG provides opportunities for emerging leaders within participating organizations to gain professional leadership development through involvement in the partnership’s committees and activities.  Samantha Gumienny, Associate Experience Advocate at Evolve IP, has been active with ITAG for more than 18 months.  Her involvement includes coordinating meetings, representing Evolve IP at an Expo table at the 15th annual Girls Exploring Tomorrow’s Technology event (GETT) to chairing this year’s GETT sponsorship committee.   “As a young professional, involvement in ITAG has helped develop my confidence, open doors to new and exciting opportunities – such as GETT, and create connections with like-minded individuals in the community. The support and knowledge that the ITAG committee has provided has given me the opportunity to enhance my career at Evolve IP.”

Lindsey Elberti, Corporate Trainer and one of Samantha’s mentors at Evolve IP noted that, “Samantha has experienced continual growth while working at Evolve IP and participating as a member of the ITAG committees.  Her involvement with ITAG has helped her growth at Evolve IP.  She is always very willing and ready to take on new projects and responsibilities while contributing innovative ideas.  Her smile and attitude are a part of why her co-workers and outside members find her easy to work with and a positive influence.”

Even Guy Fardone, President and Founding Partner, Evolve IP  noted that “As a founding associate of our award winning Organizational Development group, it is very important for Samantha to continuously network, meet new business owners and get involved in helping and learning new things in our community.  ITAG has been a tremendous part of this learning and networking experience with its key programs such as GETT and Tech 360.  It has also been extremely rewarding for her both professionally and personally.  We are thrilled that she has this opportunity.”

What’s next for ITAG?

Tech360 will take place on Friday, June 10 from 8:00am to 3:00pm at the Penn State Great Valley Conference Center.  This year’s keynote will be Real Tech Talk – Business, People, and Leadership,” a technology leadership panel discussion on the latest trends and observations in data security, hiring talent, change and innovation, leading technical people and organizations and the biggest opportunities and challenges.

Breakout session topics include Cyber Security; Big Data, Network and Data Security; Agile Development; Robotics; Women in Technology; and Hiring Tech Talent, featuring speakers from  SEI Investments Company, U.S. Secret Service,, HomeNet Automotive, Curotec, Pegasus Technologies, NIIT Technologies, Morris Risk Management, Exelon, Layer 8 Security, LLC, NPC, Inc., and more.

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