Bentley Systems Helps Engineer Historical Society’s High-Tech History Showcase

Greg Bentley, CEO of Bentley Systems.

Bentley Systems, the Chester County company instrumental to forecasting how infrastructure components perform in the future, will help engineer a high-tech portal to the past through its $250,000 technology pledge for the Chester County Historical Society’s ambitious 2017 exhibit “Chester County: A Place in History.”

“This exhibition marries the past and present of Chester County by using cutting-edge technology to tell a story about our beginnings,” CEO Greg Bentley said. “My wife, Caroline, and I, along with all of my colleagues at Bentley, are proud to support the Chester County Historical Society as it continues this great work enhanced by Rob Lukens. ‘Chester County: A Place in History’ will be a testament to his vision and forward-thinking approach to our shared history.”

Through the generosity of Bentley and others, the new 6,000-square-foot permanent showcase will bring to life the people, places and events that make this vibrant county unique via more objects, photographs and manuscripts than ever before on touchscreens, mobile tablets, handicapped-accessible devices, computer-based kiosks and listening stations, audio and multimedia devices, and manipulatives.

Together with an anonymous donor committed to matching every 2015 gift dollar for dollar, $2.2 million has already been donated or pledged for the project, “which will inspire innumerable visitors and researchers for decades to come,” says CCHS Interim President and Vice President of Development David B. Reinfeld.

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