Historical Marker in Paoli to Undergo Revision

historical marker in paoli

The Anthony Wayne historical marker in Paoli is being revised as part of a statewide review by The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

The organization is reviewing all of its 2,500 markers, looking to correct factual errors, address inadequate historical contexts, and eliminate racist or other inappropriate references. Mark Scolforo covered the initiative for The Associated Press.

So far, two markers have been removed, and two have been revised.

The Paoli one honoring Revolutionary War Gen. Anthony Wayne, set for revision, reads as follows:

“The house in which the Revolutionary leader and Indian fighter was born, Jan. 1, 1745, stands about a mile away. Died at Erie, Dec. 15, 1796; now buried at St. David’s Church, four and a half miles away.”

The changes will include the removal of the term “Indian fighter.”

Read more about the changes to the Anthony Wayne (and other) historical markers from The Associated Press.

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