Longwood Gardens’ Flora-covered Bathroom Corridor In The News Again

The Golden Throne visits Longwood Gardens.

Cloaked by 47,000 plants, the world’s largest green wall has not only been crowned for its size but also for its “thrones”. The garden walls are Longwood Gardens’ most anticipated attraction when nature calls, and the once-private DuPont garden is well-known for its eco-friendly modern public restroom.

The 14-foot-by-300-foot corridor to 17 bathrooms was recently highlighted in a Curbed Philly featurette and an episode of Golden Thrones. It’s not the first time the bathrooms have been praised, either.

“These bathrooms aren’t just green on the outside; they’re green on the inside,” the Golden Thrones host states.

With heated floors, vented onion-shaped ceilings, motion detectors, valves that flush 63 percent less water than a typical toilet and even geothermal attributes from being built into the side of a hill, the Longwood water closet is a marvel of mankind.

Read more about the bathroom on Curbed Philly here and watch “Longwood’s Secret Garden” by Golden Thrones below.