Code Differently and Wilmington University Secure Groundbreaking Partnership


Dr. LaVerne Harmon, President, Wilmington University Stephanie Eldridge, CEO and Co-Founder, Code Differently Lindsay Rice, Senior Director of Academic Partnerships, Wilmington University
Image via WilmU.
From L-R: Stephanie Eldridge, CEO and Co-Founder, Code Differently; Lindsay Rice, Senior Director of Academic Partnerships, Wilmington University; Dr. LaVerne Harmon, President, Wilmington University.

Embarking on an exciting collaboration, Code Differently and Wilmington University unveiled their trailblazing partnership to propel aspiring tech enthusiasts into future career success.

Under their agreement, Code Differently participants can earn up to 18 credits toward coveted undergraduate degrees in cutting-edge concentrations like Computer Science, Cybersecurity, and Data Analysis. New students enrolling from Code Differently will also enjoy the added perk of waived application fees at Wilmington University.

“This collaboration with Code Differently speaks to our mission of providing opportunity and flexibility to students, and it also addresses our comprehensive focus on technology,” said Wilmington University President Dr. LaVerne Harmon. “We understand the high demand for skilled IT professionals and suspect that that need will grow. This partnership reflects an opportunity for innovation to meet accessibility in higher education.”

“We are excited for this partnership with Wilmington University,” said Stephanie Eldridge, CEO and Co-Founder of Code Differently. “Code Differently strives to eliminate barriers to learning and success, and we are committed to the advancement of all our participants, both as program participants and beyond. Upon completion of our 20-week full stack coding program, this agreement allows all of our participants, past, present, and future, to earn 18 credits that can be applied directly to in-demand undergraduate computer science degree programs at WilmU. Our partnership with WilmU opens the door for all participants who realize that higher education is the other key to their success.”

Established in 2018, Code Differently has provided software development training to over 800 adults across Delaware, resulting in an 89 percent completion rate and an 85 percent work-placement rate. Its graduates can earn roughly $65,000 on average. “We are successfully fulfilling our mission,” Eldridge said.

A seamless transition from Code Differently to college is crucial. “We are thrilled to partner with Code Differently,” said Lindsay Rice, the University’s senior director of Academic Partnerships. “This partnership leverages what its participants have learned and provides an easy transfer to bachelor’s programs directly connecting to Code Differently programs. As students embark on their educational journeys with us, they save time and money while earning a competitive degree. Our commitment is unwavering, and we stand by them every step of the way, ensuring a supportive and enriching academic experience.”

Code Differently, founded in 2018 and located in Wilmington, Delaware, is a visionary company dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in technology education and careers. With nationwide reach, Code Differently leaders provide innovative technology career training and workforce solutions to close the educational divide and empower underserved and underrepresented populations. Its people-centered approach combines expert training and support services with strong partnerships to help learners overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential.

Learn more about Wilmington University, a private, nonprofit, open-access, and accredited institution that serves traditional students starting their college careers, non-traditional students, and working adults seeking advancement through higher education. The university’s diverse degree and certificate programs prepare students for the global marketplace through experience-rich curricula delivered by expert practitioners.

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