2022’s Fastest Growing Career Fields

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The world is always changing, and new technology or shifting cultural stances lead to new careers becoming more in demand. That has been especially evident with how much change we have seen over the course of the last year.

If you have been thinking about a career move but were unsure where you would find stability, courtesy of Forbes, here are the career fields that are taking off in 2022.


Healthcare was already a field with a steady need for workers, but Covid multiplied that need. The pandemic has ensured healthcare workers will be in demand for many years to come, with it being estimated that there will be a need for at least an additional 500,000 nurses by 2027.


This type of work helps with areas such as figuring out the proper insurance for a customer or helping companies determine how likely they are to meet their sales goals. The many uses for those who can interpret the data of hard numbers make this a coveted career for the future.


Information technology was already a steadily growing field due to how many aspects of our lives have become dependent on computers. However, the pandemic accelerated that even more, with everyone now needing assistance with their home setups, and businesses needing new software to help manage their remote workforce.

Finance Management

With so many businesses being driven into bankruptcy over the last three years, a financial manager is more valued than ever for companies. This is someone who looks at the big picture of what a company is spending and what can be done to trim back on expenses. Someone who is good in this role can help a business ride the rough tides and still attain profitability.

Supply Chain Management

Though physical retailers struggled during the height of Covid, people never stopped buying. In fact, if anything, people’s spending habits increased. That led to difficulty for many once prompt retailers to get customer orders out in time. That is why those who can help steer those processes back on track are a welcome presence.

A career is not all about passion, but also requires a look at longevity. That is why it is important to pick a job that has a bright future.

To learn more about each of these career fields and what the future holds for them, read the Forbes article here.


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