Avelo Airlines Continues to Offer Local Travelers Low-Cost Flights from Wilmington Airport


Avelo Airlines plane
Image via Avelo Airlines, Facebook.
Since it began flying out of Wilmington Airport a year ago, Avelo Airlines has offered low-cost flights to local travelers in the region.

Since it started flying out of Wilmington Airport a year ago, Avelo Airlines has been offering low-cost flights to travelers throughout the region, writes Ariana Perez-Castells for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Over the last 12 months, the airline has flown almost 286,000 local travelers, many of them from Chester County, on 2,100 flights.

“We are looking to build a lot of awareness and drive a lot of demand [in] airports like Wilmington,” said Andrew Levy, Avelo Airlines’ founder, chairman, and CEO. “Not the main airport, a secondary airport in a very large population center.”

Levy believes that by choosing smaller airports, his company offers a far better customer experience.

“It’s just a much easier, more pleasant, faster, and therefore convenient experience, coupled with a really great fare,” he said.

The company currently offers nine destinations from Wilmington Airport, including six in Florida and one each in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Puerto Rico.

Avelo Airlines sees the entire region of 2.5 million residents as potential customers.

“That’s a massive, massive market for us to be able to pull from,” said Levy.

Read more about Avelo Airlines taking off at Wilmington Airport in The Philadelphia Inquirer.


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