Municipal Engineering at Spotts, Stevens, and McCoy: Four Things You Should Know

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1. Municipal engineering has been at the core of SSM’s business since our founding in 1932.

Spotts, Stevens, and McCoy is a recognized leader in municipal engineering and consulting, thanks to more than 90 years of providing assistance to local governments.

In 1932, when our roots began, Walter Spotts provided consulting and engineering services to nearly 40 municipalities. Since then, our firm has refined and perfected our expertise while expanding our suite of services — but always maintaining municipal services as a core component of our business.

We provide local governments with multi-faceted, full-service engineering and consulting services, acting as an extension of these governments’ operations. We pride ourselves on becoming a part of our clients’ teams, part of the community, and most notably — their trusted advisors.

2. Our multi-discipline firm means we are unmatched by many in the region.

In the SSM team, our clients have a multi-faceted, full-service engineering/consulting firm that acts as an extension of their operations. We know that the challenges community leaders face are rarely one-dimensional. Often, they require expertise from a variety of sources and from several angles. Our founders knew that our clients needed a single-source solution. And so that’s the firm that we are today.

We’re unmatched by many not just for our years of experience, but also for our expertise. We often deploy several members of our team to ensure we best understand and provide the highest quality of service to our municipal clients. The more facets to a challenge, the more our clients appreciate the efficiency of having one single-source solution in SSM.

Our staff encompasses engineers, designers, surveyors, planners, geologists, and landscape architects. Which means every project team is intentionally designed, and every decision is appropriately made.

And while our civil engineering team are leaders in the field, we simply don’t stop there. Several other divisions at SSM have perfected dynamic, and reliable, municipal engineering services. Authorities turn to us, municipalities and counties rely on us, and communities trust us. Whether the need is efficient wastewater treatment, managed stormwater programs, clean water supplies, integrated electrical and mechanical systems, implemented comprehensive plans, or preservation of history — we have a team, and the expertise for that.

3. Today, we help 100-plus municipalities and counties find practical solutions to their challenges and problems.

Some of our existing municipal clients we’ve been proud to serve since the 1970s. We firmly believe that what makes us unique is not only the range of services we provide, but the attitude with which we provide them.

We care about our clients. We strive every day and, on every assignment, to protect the interests and needs of community members and community leaders. And most importantly, we strive to be a part of their success — seeing ideas all the way from inception to completion. When that means going the extra mile, we do it; when that means being available for a meeting, we’re available; when that means anticipating a need, we anticipate them.

Over the years, we have developed proven standard approaches that are valuable to our clients. We balance that experience with an attitude of flexibility and a passion for service. We excel at paying attention to every single detail, no matter how finite it may be. Because when it comes to your community — we know that every detail matters.

4. Our Municipal Engineering Expertise:

  • Muncipal Engineering and Planning
  • Stormwater Engineering, Design and MS4 Services
  • Stormwater and E&S Permitting
  • Infrastructure Planning, Engineering and Design
  • Construction Phase Services
  • GIS, Bidding, Infrastructure and Environmental Modeling
  • Survey and Data Capture
  • Site Planning and Design
  • Wastewater Planning, Engineering, Design and Operations
  • Water Planning, Engineering, Design and Operations
  • Building Engineering
  • Energy and Sustainability Services


Spotts, Stevens, and McCoy is a regional engineering, environmental, and surveying firm that serves local and global clients. We engineer solutions for a better world. Our work touches everyday life — from the water you drink, to the air you breathe, to the buildings and communities where you live, work, and play. Learn more about Spotts, Stevens, and McCoy.

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