See Where PA Ranks in Life Expectancy Compared to the Rest of the Country

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The report showed where the state of Pennsylvania ranked in the country.

A recent report showed where each state stands for life expectancy, and Pennsylvanians can breathe a sigh of relief at the results. Staff writers at Fox 29 discussed the results.

Researchers at Life Extension Magazine were able to determine how each state in the United States ranked in life expectancy, with the addition of Washington D.C. to the list. Factors that played into the rankings included general longevity, exercise, healthy diet, healthy weight, proximity to a park, outdoor recreation, sleep quality, stress levels, and social isolation.

Pennsylvania ranked #31 among the states. According to the study, Pennsylvania residents generally live to the age of 76.8.

At the top of the list was Hawaii, ranking at #1, with a general life expectancy of 80.7. West Virginia ranked the lowest at #51, with a general life expectancy of 72.8 years.

While these results may be positive, the World Health Organization still ranked the United States at #40 across the globe. 

Read more about the results at Fox 29.


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