Check Out Where Chester County Residents Rank Statewide for Life Expectancy

life expectancy Struble Trail
Image via the Keystone Fund.
Women exercise on the Struble Trail in Downingtown.

Chester County rates among the Pennsylvania counties with the longest life expectancy, according to new rankings recently released by Stacker.

Stacker identified the counties with the longest life expectancy using 2022 County Health Rankings & Roadmaps from the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.

Life expectancy calculates the average number of years from birth a person can expect to live. It is determined based on the number of deaths and the average number of people at risk of dying over a given period.

Chester County, the Keystone State’s wealthiest county, ranked third with an average life expectancy of 81.2 years. This is 3.2 years above the statewide average.

Chester County ranked first based on health outcomes. It came in third for length of life and first in quality of life.

Here are the 10 counties in Pennsylvania with the longest life expectancy:

  1. Centre County (82.5 years)
  2. Union County (82.1 years)
  3. Chester County (81.2 years)
  4. Snyder County (80.8 years)
  5. Montgomery County (80.5 years)
  6. Cumberland County (80.1 years)
  7. Lancaster County (80 years)
  8. Northampton County (79.7 years)
  9. Pike County (79.7 years)
  10. Adams County (79.6 years)

Read more about the counties in Pennsylvania with the longest life expectancy at Stacker.

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