Devon Café Boasts Indoor Playground, Cakes from Around the World

Image via Le Mignon.
Le Mignon in Devon.

A newly opened café in Devon combines both pastries and play. Owner Noelle Shum grew up in China where indoor playground cafes were commonplace. After studying baking in France, Shum also opened her own café in her homeland, writes Caroline O’Halloran for SAVVY Main Line.  

Shum and her husband now live in Penn Valley, but she has taken her baking skills with her across the world. Le Mignon opened on April 11 to provide flavorful homemade confections and a space for kids to play.  

Grownups can sip on La Colombe coffee or Japanese tea and matcha. Customers can choose cakes from around the globe such as French canelé, Japanese Nama chocolate, Basque cheesecake, Italian tiramisu, as well as a variety of cake cups.  

The indoor playground is made completely of wood. Kids up to age six can slide, climb, swing, and play with an abundance of toys. There’s even a corner designated for infants.  

Unlimited playtime is $15 for a single child or $7.50 for siblings. Annual memberships are $550 and birthday parties are $500 on weekends.  

While the kids play, parents can sit at a nearby table while catching up on work. Le Mignon is open Wednesday to Friday from 9 to 5 PM, and Saturday through Tuesday from 9 to 7 PM.  

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