Willistown’s M. Night Talks Homage to Philly, Importance of Family in Series Finale of Servant  

Image via Apple TV+.
Still from the Servant series.

The acclaimed director known for the iconic movie Sixth Sense has wrapped up another chilling project. The series finale of Servant debuted on Apple TV+ last week. M. Night Shyamalan sat down with Benjamin VanHoose of People magazine to discuss what it was like filming and producing the series.  

Servant is a series about a Philadelphia couple grieving the death of their newborn son Jericho. They go through object therapy using a lifelike doll to cope with the grief, and eventually hire a nanny to take care of the doll. However, the series takes many twists and turns in typical M. Night fashion, and its main storyline veered down the cult route.  

The Willistown resident said that the last day of filming the series was emotional. 

“I think everyone was feeling very grateful. The looks between all five of us were, it showed how much we thought of each other and knew how precious this was,” he said.  

Shyamalan is known for shooting his films mostly in the Philadelphia area. Servant is no exception and was actually shot on the same street as Sixth Sense.  

“It’s just a home for me. I love Philly, and I love shooting there, so it felt right. Also, I can’t spend five years on it at that time, where I am really the main person on it; it’s hard to have it somewhere else.” 

Shyamalan said he wants the series to be remembered for focusing on the importance of family through grief and hardship. Following the theme of family, his daughters were also involved in the project.  

His daughter Saleka wrote songs for the series and other daughter Ishana became the show’s main director after season two.  

Read more about M. Night Shyamalan’s series in People.  

Servant Season 4 official trailer.

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