Willistown’s M. Night Shyamalan Has ‘Sixth Sense’ About Potential of Philly Film Festival

Willistown’s famous filmmaker, M. Night Shyamalan, has joined the board of the Philadelphia Film Society.

Call it a sixth sense about the potential of the Philadelphia Film Festival.

Blockbuster moviemaker M. Night Shyamalan desires Philly “to be what other great film cities can be,” according to a Philadelphia Business Journal report by Kenneth Hilario.

The famous director who makes his home in Willistown is one of two new board members for the Philadelphia Film Society, alongside Merrill Lynch Senior Vice President David Plaza, father of Parks & Recreation actress Aubrey Plaza.

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“To get somebody of that caliber, who can make things happen and cares about the community, in a leadership role with PFS and the festival is going to help take both to the next level,” said Board Chairman Larry Korman.

Shyamalan is the only well-known actor, producer, or director on the board, which hopes his presence will attract other talent and funds to the festival.

“If their principal supporter has a film, they get that film, and the principal supporter can help them get other films and elevate the potential for the festival,” PFS Executive Director J. Andrew Greenblatt said of film festivals in general.

Read more about the addition of Shyamalan to the PFS board in the Philadelphia Business Journal here, and check out previous VISTA Today coverage of the county’s filmmaker here.

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