New Jersey Town Just Outside of Nearby Bucks County Considered State’s Most Up-and-Coming Area

Image via iStock.
The town is known as a must-stop for visitors to Bucks County.

A town very close to nearby Bucks County has become a regular stop for both locals and visitors to the area, considered a companion to a popular town. Shannon Holly wrote about the town for Lite 96.9.

Lambertville is connected to Bucks County by the New Hope-Lambertville Bridge, where locals and visitors can either drive or walk over the bridge into the town.

Considered by many to be a sister town of New Hope, the New Jersey town has a lot of the small town flare and charm that the Bucks County town has.

Rife with antique shops, inns, and fine dining establishments, this town has a lot packed into a little area. Divided by the Delaware River, Bucks County residents have easy access to another magical town that is a fun place to visit.

Read more about Lambertville at Lite 96.9.


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