King of Prussia Mall Gains New Draw: Add Zombie Apocalypse Survival to Shopping and Dining

zombie apocalypse
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"Excuse me, sir, but you'll just have to wait patiently for your Cheesecake Factory table like the rest of our patrons."

Anyone who thinks of King of Prussia Mall merely in terms of its shopping, dining, and socializing advantages can now add another: It’s been identified nationally as a good place to survive a zombie apocalypse. Emily Block explained in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The unconventional accolade to Montgomery County’s retail mecca came from JeffBet, an online casino from the United Kingdom.

The company — perhaps inspired by the video game and HBO series The Last of Us with their undead cast — evaluated 20 U.S. shopping malls as safe havens from hoards of hungry, soulless monsters.

The analysis weighed eight survivability factors:

  1. Demand
  2. Infection risk
  3. Shelter suitability
  4. Food provisions
  5. Weapon access
  6. Medicine access
  7. Mental stimulation
  8. Chances of rescue

King of Prussia Mall was rated No. 3; its chance-of-rescue factor was particularly strong.

No. 1 was Millcreek Mall in Erie, Pa.

The only other Pennsylvania indoor shopping destination noted was Monroeville Mall, outside Pittsburgh.

The timing of the JeffBet evaluations was not mentioned; however, it may not have been as newsworthy in November. As every shopper knows, on Black Friday, no mall is immune from vacant-eyed inhabitants shambling incoherently down retail hallways.

More on the safety of malls from a zombie apocalypse is at The Philadelphia Inquirer.


As this Stranger Things clip shows, zombies aren’t the only threat malls occasionally endure.

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