CLIMB Health & Wellness in Lafayette Hill Treats the Whole Person, Represents the ‘Future of Medicine’

CLIMB Health & Wellness
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Dr. Jessie Fields, left, and Amy Kempe.
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When you call CLIMB Health & Wellness, you might be surprised at who answers the phone — Dr. Jessie Fields. Along with co-founder Amy Kempe, she wants her members to be able to have direct access to care providers. So she’s the one taking calls to schedule appointments and answer questions. This is just one of many ways the two are changing the way we view health and medicine.

Located in Lafayette Hill, CLIMB Health & Wellness was founded because both Fields and Kempe felt there was a sense of community missing from healthcare and wanted to have an accessible place for members to receive well-rounded care. The space is meant to not only foster physical healing, but also create a place members feel welcomed and seen.

Fields and Kempe have intersected physical health, mental health, nutrition, and exercise into one location for complete healthcare. Fields can work directly with Kempe, in-house therapist, regarding a patient, and then consult with a dietician and in-house yoga instructor, so nothing is overlooked.

“We are treating people as a whole person, not as siloed care,” said Fields.

Every member has direct access to their providers, as CLIMB was specifically built without a hierarchy like in the typical medical field.

Another way CLIMB is different from a regular medical office is its membership packages. Instead of a pay-per-service, there are four member packages to select from, all with concierge primary care, monthly nutrition seminars, taste testing, and varying wellness and therapy offerings just to name a few. Members can come every day, once a week, once a month, or anywhere in between depending on their needs. It’s unlike anything being done in the industry.

“This is the future of medicine,” said Kempe.

CLIMB has a different energy and way of doing things, so members feel supported. The feedback Fields and Kempe have received has been incredibly positive, and they are excited to bring this type of wellness to the surrounding community.

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