Balance in Life Is Key for Founder of Downingtown Health Center and Cancer Survivor

Arianne Missimer
Image via The Movement Paradigm.
Arianne Missimer.

Arianne Missimer, a cancer survivor and founder of Downingtown’s Movement Paradigm Integrative Health Center, knows a lot about wellness, writes Kim Douglas for the Main Line Today

“Losing my brother inspired me to help others become their best, and it gives me purpose,” she said. “Surviving cancer reinforced that.” 

Her first advice to people just starting out is to adopt a mindset of “movement as a gift, mindfulness over autopilot, and gratitude.” 

“Nutritionally, that means remembering all the things food does for us,” said Missimer. “It’s social, and it provides connection and information about our health.” 

Her vitality philosophy focuses on feeling your best emotionally, mentally, and spiritually while looking your best at the same time. 

“They’re not separate things,” said Missimer. “Most people want to work out to look better, and they should feel good on the inside too.” 

The Coatesville resident also advises you to mind what you eat, but not to be exclusionary. 

“My goal for myself and my patients is balance, rather than rules about “good” or “bad” foods,” she said. “A healthy mindset matters for a good relationship with food.” 

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